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AllMyShares - every trade I ever made

An application for the iPhone , iPad and iPod touch. 

Our team are investors as well as software developers. This unique tool offers insight and understanding of your portfolios, not just a mass of data.

The App merges your trading data with current market data. By providing interactive charts and reports of trends over time we aim to improve your understanding of  your investments / trades. The insight gained may help with decisions about whether you need to make changes to strengthen your trading plan.

AllMyShares caters for the stock markets in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland), Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.  Currency conversions are handled automatically.

Please note: managed funds and unit trusts are not yet catered for. However stocks and shares are catered for beautifully.

All My Shares offers these unique advantages:

  • A4 sized PDF versions of text reports for printing or archiving (via Dropbox)
  • Passcode access for your security (optional)
  • 'Time-Line' charts showing gain or loss of a portfolio or stock (taking into account daily unit price, number of units held, dividends and fees)
  • fast access to current market data, fast calculations
  • in depth analysis of the complete history of your trades (rather than the market in general)
  • tracking of both on-market and off-market (unlisted) stocks (you can adjust the current unit price if off-market)
  • caters for franking credits in countries where they apply (Australia and New Zealand)
  • an ideal place to maintain a complete historical record of all your trading data, dividends, fees etc.
  • detailed analysis and performance ladders presented as charts or reports
  • the ability to enter all dividends, franking credits and fees
  • generate reports which may be useful at tax time
  • the ability to enter your trading data for stocks that no longer exist (because of takeover, liquidation or other reasons)
  • an overall summary in your local currency (even if your shares are in several markets around the world)

Other benefits of All My Shares are:

  • no login or registration is required
  • you can drill down to a particular portfolio, particular company and to individual transactions or dividends
  • you are able to create 'virtual portfolios' or 'watchlists' of interesting stocks with no cash outlay (for educational purposes)
  • the app works with multiple trading portfolios in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Asia
  • everything is in one place on your most accessible and portable device

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